"Beautiful scenery" Photo Contest results announced

The List of winners from 14,334 entries as follows

Special prize
α7 II ILCE-7M2K ZoomLens kit (Japan Model)+Plaque

Crossing Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, the vast Atacama Desert is known as the world's most arid desert.
It is the largest area in Chile, and because the dryness and the fine rate are very high so Observatories from the world gathered here.
In addition, in contact with the Andes active volcano zone, including the Licancabur (5916m), which is also known as the Atacama Fuji, also continuous with a number of many 5000m peaks, the landscape is breathtaking.
In the Atacama Desert, located in the central and south of Copiapo and La Serena around the town June of each year, only when rainfall is more than 40mm, wildflowers bloom beautiful all over the desert, its known as top3 biggest wildflowers of the world.

First prize
EOS M3 EF-M18-55 IS STM Lens kit (Japan Model)+Plaque

Camera records every moment of ever-changing then put them together with our memories.

Second prize
Nikon 1 J5 PowerZoomLensKit about (Japan Model)+Plaque

A photo just like a painting , a painting just like a photo, infinite frontier ,it is my work which was taken in Yuanyang.

Encouragement prize
Photozou Plus 12Months+ Certification of prize

Here it is a hidden beach located in Taipei , unfortunately that beautiful view until last year's typhoon now only in the memory. Calm sea, straight long seawall, just like a beautiful road that leads to hope!


I have visited this disposal tunnel of Suhua Highway many times , unfortunately the weather was bad , But one day after typhoon passed I visited again ,Voila! There was a beautiful blue sky.


Paddy field in the light of sun set , beautiful contrast with beautiful lines , the more watching the more intoxicating !


One Encouragement winner is retired.


Anybody(Free entry)


Special prize
α7 II ILCE-7M2K ZoomLens kit about 200,000JPY(Japan Model)+Plaque
First prize
EOS M3 EF-M18-55 IS STM Lens kit about 60,000JPY(Japan Model)+Plaque
Second prize
Nikon 1 J5 PowerZoomLensKit about 45,000JPY(Japan Model)+Plaque
Encouragement prize
4winner  Photozou Plus 12Months(about 6,000JPY)+ Certification of prize

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